Audio Terms: EVERY Term DIY Musicians Need to Know

When you’re first starting to learn to record and mix your own music, one of the HARDEST parts is something that would seem the most simple…

“What in the world do all of these words mean?”

There’s a lot of vocabulary and jargon in audio. And because so much of it is based on acoustics and electrical engineering, it can get confusing FAST.

So I’ve made a collection of all the words that I struggled with when I was starting out.

This is meant to be a reference for you. Bookmark this guide – If you’re learning about something new and you come across a word you don’t understand, just come here and check it out.

I’ve also made a handy PDF version you can get for free. Grab that if you want access to this guide on-the-go.

Get it here:

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How to Use This Guide

There’s two versions of this glossary. One organized by subject (which is the one you’re on) and one organized alphabetically (which you can find right here).

Use the one that would be most helpful for you.

To start using the glossary, click the button of the subject you’d like to learn about. If you want to read them all, just hit every button!

Here’s a tip to quickly find the word you’re looking for: use your computer’s “find” function.

Basically, hit “cmd + F” if you’re on a Mac or “ctrl + F” if you’re on a PC. Then type in the word you’re looking for.

If you don’t see it, let us know in the comments. We’ll be updating our list over time with words our readers don’t understand.

Good luck!

NOTE: Here’s a great video on mixing terminology:

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Audio Terms Guide

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