We are a small but dedicated team of audio professionals determined to create a viable alternative to traditional music education. We believe that a stellar education should be accessible and affordable and that real results matter far more than a degree on a wall.

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Lifelong musician, engineer and owner of Stratfield Studios. Rob has dedicated his life to teaching producers and engineers how to hone their craft and do what they love for a living, originally under the Musician on a Mission brand before re-branding to

General Manager

Michael Gilbride

A former corporate bond trader and Mastering Accelerator student, Michael left the world of finance in 2020 to pursue his solo indie music project, “telco”, full time. Michael joined in the same year and eventually became General Manager in 2022.

Director of Education

Caleb Loveless

A 25 year veteran in the industry and Co-owner of danger.less and Black Fox Mastering, Caleb has worked as a songwriter, producer and mix/mastering engineer for charting artists, some of the world’s largest brands and major film/TV studios.

Program Coordinator

Jake Kodweis

Jake Kodweis (sounds like “cold rice”) is an American music producer, songwriter, musician, educator, and founder of Valhalla Studios. Signed to a record label before hitting his twenties, Jake has licensed over 1,500 original tracks, works with talented artists from all over the world as a producer/mix/mastering engineer, and has helped thousands of musicians kickstart their music careers.


Dane Holmes

For the past 10 years, Dane’s obsession for composition and sculpting sound has lead him to production, composition and engineering work for some of the worlds largest brands, budding artists and film/tv projects. As half of danger.less and Black Fox Mastering, Dane’s unique strengths in composition and crafting cutting edge sound design has secured him a strong foothold in the music industry.


Kevin “Black Pearl” McCloskey

Kevin “Black Pearl” McCloskey is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum mix engineer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has worked with the brightest rising talent in Charlotte to some of the biggest names in the industry including DaBaby, Joji, Rich Brian, August08, 88rising, Dreamville, almondmilkhunni, RVSSIAN, Anuel AA, Juice Wrld, Electric Feel, HDBEENDOPE, and many more.


Warren Huart

Warren is an English record producer, musician, composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California and a multi-platinum producer/engineer for artists like The Fray, Daniel Powter, Marc Broussard, Trevor Hall, Korn, Better Than Ezra, James Blunt, Matisyahu, Ace Frehley, Aerosmith and Howie Day.

Production Mentor/Social Media Manager

Chris Georgiou

In addition to being a guru for all things “Social Media”, Chis is also a ten year industry pro and a songwriter/producer for artists, management, and labels.

Student Success Manager

Lucy Warr

Lucy is a singer, songwriter, and mentor for independent artists. She values growth and seeing creatives have the courage to step out of their comfort zones and pursue what they love.

Operations Manager

Dustin Speckman

Dustin has been playing music since grade school and studied music technology in college. This has inspired a lifelong love for music and audio. As Operations Manager, he strives to ensure musicians have an excellent and enjoyable experience at

Director of Admissions

Mike Grutka

A musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and mix/mastering engineer. When Mike is not helping people achieve their engineering goals he will be found being awesome hiking and riding in his Jeep with his dogs

Admissions Consultant

G.J. Marshall

Having played musical instruments since the age of 4, “Gord” found his passion for rock/fingerstyle guitar at the age of 13 and has made music fuel his and closest companion now for nearly for 5 decades. He is a devoted guitar teacher and producer for 40+ years which has kept him a student of his craft in many styles and genres.

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