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Mastering.com helps artists, engineers, and producers: maximize the quality of your music, maximize your earnings, by teaching you how to master music like a pro.

We take highly capable, self-starting music producers

And turn them into audio mastering wizards. Unlock the secret to getting pristine, Grammy-Winning quality in your music, all without spending tens of thousands of dollars on your room and gear.

We turn audio engineers into audio mastering machines while helping you offer mastering to your clients.

Take the guesswork out of mastering and conquer it with full confidence. Get clients to pay you top-dollar to master their projects. Know for certain that you are offering final masters that match up to industry standards.

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Mastering isn't a dark art.

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Mastering.com gives you everything you need to become a mastering engineer. No more YouTube tutorials that lead to guesswork, that lead to giving up. We give you everything you need and it simply works.


Knowledge transfer

We leave no stone unturned, and we reveal the tried and true system for mastering any type of genre. No more confusion – just a simple process, signal chain, and philosophy that works.


It’s proven that in order to get to the next level in anything, you need guidance from a professional who has gone before you and can help you every step of the way. Get access to Grammy-Winning mastering engineers with one-on-one mentoring.


Get the exact tools needed to get the sound you have in your head. Stop searching for the “right plug-in”. Instead, develop an arsenal of tools that work for you and your studio.

Music Producer Community

Doing things alone is no fun. Become a part of the amazing like-minded community that spurs one another on by sharing mixes, critiquing mastering techniques, and building friendships with the best in the industry.

Results. Results. Results.

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Artists, Engineers, and Producers worldwide, have used Mastering.com to step up their game with their music. This stuff works.

We have produced hundreds of mastering engineers.

We only care about our students. We have 1 rule: if it doesn't benefit the student, we have failed miserably.

Who we help

Artists & Musicians
who produce their own music and are fairly savvy when it comes to producing and mixing but don't have their minds wrapped around the mastering process.
that collab with other producers and artists, who want to finally achieve Grammy-Winning quality in their music by diving deep into the mastering process
Studio Engineers
who record, mix, and master for their clientele, who want to step up their game with the quality and services they provide
Part-time audio professionals
who want to work full time in the industry by making more money doing what they love.

What is mastering?

As you may (or may not) know, Mastering is the last step of the music production phase. It’s the last 10% of the process that glues your project together sonically with the use of different sonic and dynamic processing. It’s what transforms amateur sounding mixes to professional sounding music.

Here are some artists that our engineers have mastered.

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Kanye West

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Asap Rocky
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A$AP Rocky

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Lil Wayne
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Lil Wayne

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Indie Pop & Rock
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Meattle & Malik

Singer / Songwriter
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Nine Inch Nails
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Nine Inch Nails

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Skrillex & KORN

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Raw recording

This is the audio capturing process. Getting all of your ideas “on paper”. Nothing is mixed, but everything is recorded.


Final mix

This is getting the mix just right, concentrating on each individual track with levels, processing, panning, and effects.

Final Master

This is the crucial stage that brings your mix to life and sets your mix at a level of professionalism that stands up to the industry giants.

Your final master will make or break your mix. If you don't get this right, all of your hard work has been thrown out the window.

Have what it takes, we teach it all.

We teach you everything it takes to overcome the mastering process so you can get Grammy-Winning quality in your music.

Loudness War
Defeating, conquering, and overcoming the loudness war happening in the industry. Getting your mind and your mixes to a place where you can achieve mixes that compete with the loudness of the industry but don’t destroy the dynamics in your music.
Getting Organized
How to navigate notes, hard drives, file structure, session prep, and create a trusted workflow so that you can focus on what matters: getting quality sounding final masters.
Tuning your ears
Get to a place where you can trust your ears 100%. You will become a frequency freak. Identify and translate frequencies into actionable EQ processing. Become an objective listener.
Unpacking your mind
How to set sonic goals and get a crystal clear vision of what you want your music to sound like. Get the tools to understand your clients so you can give them the results they want.
Setting Up your DAW
Getting your DAW working for you. How to master in ProTools, Logic, Ableton etc…to where you can take the guesswork out of everything.
Tuning your Room
Never fight your room again. Getting your room sound-treated, and professionally set up so that you can say goodbye to the infamous “car-check”. Yes, you can actually get your room to where it needs to be without millions of dollars of construction.
File Preparation
Getting your final mixes, your references, and your coding prepped to where you feel confident in your process and workflow.
Gain staging
How to get all of your volumes set correctly so you can get the most out of your compressors and limiters.
Become a Wizard
Understanding the exact process of how to get the sound you are looking for in your head, by becoming an expert in what we call “objective listening.” Reverse engineer your reference tracks.
Becoming an EQ expert that can identify problems, and roadmaps to get your mix to where it needs to be sonically. Developing an EQ arsenal that works for you and your workflow.
Understanding the compressor like you’ve never understood before. The stereo compressor is your best friend. We cover what it takes to get your mixes glued together, with enough punch to blow away your listeners.
Real world limiting that gets you masters that are nice and loud without squashing your music. Learning how to say goodbye to cheap limit processing.
Finalizing your Master
Getting your master cut, faded, consolidated, labeled, and ready for ALL platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Vinyl, and High-Quality WAVs. Embedding ISRC codes. No more “SONG 2 – FINAL MIX” titles.
Building a Business
Feeling confident in your abilities and showing you all of the necessary steps to never master for free again. Pulling back the business model to show you how to offer this service to your clients to get paid to do what you love.
How to improve. How to hold your clients hand through the process. How to upgrade your techniques, room, and gear. Getting to a place where you are always improving.

Becoming a pro.

Whether you are just starting on your mastering journey, wanting to achieve pristine sounding mixes, or want to build your own mastering business, we have you covered.

Mastering foundations

Get off the ground and develop the skillset needed to confidently master your tracks with the most straightforward and simple method.

Mastering Accelerator

Our flagship model. How to achieve Grammy-winning quality in your music by becoming a professional mastering engineer + how to offer this service to your clients.

Mastering mastermind

How to build a 6-figure mastering business by becoming a new person and dominating your niche in the industry.


Access material from any device, at any time, and watch hours of in-depth training that will truly transform the way you learn. Go at your own pace.


We provide you with HD video, MP3s (so you can learn on the go), High Quality WAV files, session files, cheatsheets, worksheets, everything you need to be successful.

Active Producer Community

Team up with some of the best people in the business who are seeking to be the best at what they do and join our thriving community of producers who think like you do and can encourage and challenge you on your journey! Finally, people who know all of your producing quirks.

One-on-One Mentorship

Have access to a lifetime mentorship with Grammy-Winning Engineers who have been there, and done that. Live Q&A calls where there is no such thing as a “stupid question.”

Live Masterclasses

Get away and visit our San Diego or Manhattan studios for a deep-dive into next level training. Intensive, structured, and incredibly fun masterclasses that will leave you feeling fulfilled and confident of your abilities.

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Mastering isn't a dark art

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