The 13 BEST Reverb Plugins of 2021 (For Any Budget!)

If you want a professional mix with plenty of depth, reverb is crucial. But picking the right one can be tricky!

With countless plugins on the market, finding what you need is no easy feat.

To help you spot the right plugin quicker, we’ve put together this list: The 13 BEST Reverb Plugins of 2021.

We’ve even split them up by what they’re best at and how much they cost!

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But if you just want to learn about Reverb Plugins specifically, keep reading.


A Quick Note…

It’s worth mentioning that none of the companies who create these reverb plugins are paying us to do so.

This article isn’t an advertisement for any one plugin maker. After trying out tons of different options, these are the ones we felt were the cream of the crop.

To help you find the right reverb quickly, here are some buttons you can use to zero in on the right match.

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We’ve also picked out the best plugins for various instruments. Click on the button(s) for the instrument(s) you need a solid reverb for.

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