Best DAW 2022: Which Digital Audio Workstation Works Best For You?

Your DAW is one of the most important pieces of your home studio.

But there are tons of options to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you?

This quick guide will help you zero in on the perfect DAW. Just select the features you’re looking and you’ll see the best option(s) for you.

So if you want to stop searching and start making music, you’re in the right place!

If you’re just starting out with using a DAW, the number of options can be overwhelming. These are my 21 MUST LEARN tips so that you can use your program better, faster, and more creatively.

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The 11 Best DAWs of 2022

First, think about what your goals are.

Do you spend more time writing music, or mixing music? Do you want a DAW that does one specific job well or an all-rounder?

Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking for, you can choose the best DAW for you.

The DAWs on this list are curated to fit all your needs.

Once you’ve picked a program, stick to it. Learn it inside out. Use the stock plugins. The better you know your DAW, the better your music will be.

To make it even easier,

What price range are you looking for?

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What are you using your DAW for?

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What genre will you be working on?

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Want to see my favorites?

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What do you want to do?

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