19 Free Plugins That Are Better Than Your DAW’s (2023)

Want to get the most out of every mix?

Here are 19 free plugins that all do things your DAW can’t. So if you want to improve your workflow and experiment with new effects, you’re in the right place!

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Master Your Stock Plugins First

The stock plugins that come with your DAW are more powerful than you might think.

You can get professional mixes using only stock plugins.

So make sure you know yours in and out. After all, new tools won’t help you if you don’t know how to use them.

Any time you get a new plugin, it should be able to do something your DAW can’t. Or it should simplify your workflow.

Both are good reasons to grab something new.

The VSTs on this list are high quality and unique. They bring something to the table that your DAW might not already have.

Before you drop a bunch of money on expensive plugins, see what you can do without spending a dime.

NOTE: Are you looking to upgrade your mixing plugins but have no idea where to start? Then check this:

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