PreSonus Studio 192 ($799)

Recommended for Full Bands and Project Studios

presonus studio 192 audio interface

Maybe you’re looking for an interface with eight preamps. Not to mention amazing quality, great digital conversion, and the ability to expand.

The PreSonus Studio 192 is a fantastic option.

This interface is the ultimate in larger-scale recording projects.

The onboard preamps are great. And you can add additional inputs through the plentiful optical inputs on the back.

The interface sports eight line outputs and two more for monitoring. The robust monitoring system includes talkback, mute, dim, and mono functions.

The interface uses what PreSonus calls “Fat Channel.”

This functionality allows you to run effects like EQ, compression, gating, etc. from the interface. So you can get a fantastic sound during the recording session.

This interface is a true workhorse and is a great option for a full band or someone looking to record large groups.