Roland Octa-Capture ($519)

Recommended for Full Bands and Mobile Recording

roland octa-capture

Talk about bang for your buck. The Roland Octa-Capture has tons of features you’d normally find in a pricier interface.

With eight XLR and ¼” inputs, you can easily record an entire drum set using the Octa-Capture. Auto-sens will even set the levels for you, saving you valuable time.

Each input comes with its own high pass filter, phase inverter, and compressor. Plenty of tools for adjusting your instrument’s tone.

Not to mention the preamps! Despite the low price point and high number of inputs, these preamps sound really good.

As far as outputs go, the Octa-Capture has a headphone jack and eight TRS outputs.

The Octa-Capture also lets you set four different monitor mixes. So if you’re tracking a full band and they all want different headphone mixes, you can do that!

Want even more inputs?

You can combine two Octa-Captures with a coaxial cable. You’ve just doubled the number of inputs you have.

This interface is loaded with features. It’s perfect for anyone looking to record a lot of instruments without blowing a ton of money.

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