IQ Series Reverb (€149.90)

iq series reverb

Recommended for Guitars, Cool Effects and Ambience

IQ Series is a convolution reverb with a really unique flavor. Something about the decay sounds a little otherworldly to me (in a good way).

I love how this reverb sounds on guitars, pads and background textures.

It’s got this ethereal tone that leaves me wondering, “What exactly is that sound?” IQ-Series adds an alluring mystique to the high end of a mix.

You can also get some really cool effects using the Cut and Gate tools.

These are two different ways of gating the reverb. You can use them for weird, glitchy effects or to get a classic, ‘80s snare sound.

It’s also super easy to load your own impulse responses (aka IR’s). Just drag and drop them into the plugin!

If you’ve already got some favorite IRs that you don’t want to lose, IQ-Series has you covered.

The positioner tool lets you change where the sound is coming from in the stereo field.

stereo field placement in iq series reverb
Want it to sound like  coming from the back left side of a cathedral? You can use IQ’s positioner to place it there!

The only downside of the IQ Reverb is its interface. It’s a bit confusing at first glance.

It’s a great plugin, but you’ll definitely want to watch some tutorials before you try to use it.

It’s also worth noting that convolution reverbs can be expensive. But IQ Series is pretty affordable!

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