Kleverb ($59.99)

Recommended for Electronic Music, Drums, Cool Effects and Ambience

Klevgrand is an extremely innovative company, making effects that are creative and wallet-friendly. Kleverb is no different.

Kleverb is an algorithmic reverb that sounds great on drums, ambient textures, and electronic tracks.

It’s not the most realistic sounding reverb, but that’s not always what you want!

Kleverb lets you mix between early and late reflections.

early and late reflections setting on kleverb

You can easily automate your reverb to sound close during one section and far during another. All you have to do is move a single knob.

There’s also a ducker for when you want the reverb to be quieter when the instrument is playing. This is a great way to make sure your reverb isn’t taking up too much space in the mix.

kleverb ducker setting

You can also use the ducker to get that cool gated snare sound that’s making a comeback.

Kleverb is perfect for ethereal, far away stuff. And the extra features make it easy to add subtle changes that will keep your listeners engaged.

You just have to be careful with resonances.

Kleverb can end up sounding a little metallic due to some high mid resonance. But some simple EQing should help!

It also looks great. Sure, looks can be superficial when it comes to audio. But a well designed interface can go a long way in encouraging creativity!

All in all, Kleverb is a really solid reverb that’s easy to use and is super affordable.

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