Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 ($499)

Recommended for Full Bands and Project Studios

focusrite scarlett 18i20

The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 may be one of the most popular interfaces for project studios. And for good reason.

It delivers tons of features and expandability to keep it operating for years to come. All for under $500.

Let’s start with inputs.

This interface features eight XLR/¼” inputs for tracking drums or large full-band sessions.

Like the other Scarlett devices, the 18i20 also features Focusrite’s “Air” technology. There’s also a pad to lower the gain for louder sound sources.

It also features optical and S/PDIF connections.

This makes it easy to connect external preamps, instruments, or effect units. Super helpful if you need more inputs!

On the output side, you get ten line outs, including two for a pair of monitors. Two headphone jacks on the front and out optical ports.

Not enough? There is also a talkback function, monitoring tools, word clock out, and MIDI In and Out.

This is a full-featured interface that would be perfect in a project studio. Or for someone looking to record a full drum set or even a full band.

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