AKG P420 – $199

Recommended for vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, brass, strings.

akg p420 condenser mic

AKG’s P420 is a condenser mic with tons of versatility. 

It’s got a full-bodied tone with a slight bump in the high end.

This makes it great for vocals, acoustic guitars, and pianos. It picks up all the lower frequency content you might want, but adds some nice sweetness to the high end.

The low end still sounds nice and rich, though, making it great for brass instruments and cellos too.

The P420 has three different polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure 8. This means you can change which directions the mic is picking up sound from.

Cardioid picks up sounds that are right in front of them mic. Figure 8 picks up sounds at its front and back. And omni records sound from all directions of the mic.

The P420 also comes with an attenuation pad and a bass roll off. So you can really use it for just about anything.


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