Cascade Fat Head – $157

Recommended for electric guitar, piano, strings, woodwinds & brass

cascade fathead ribbon mic

The Fat Head from Cascade is a ribbon microphone.

Ribbon mics tend to roll off some of the high frequencies. That might sound like a bad thing, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want.

Ribbon mics tend to make instruments sound “warmer.” Accentuating the low and mid frequencies helps you get a full, rich tone.

They’re also bidirectional, so they’ll add some nice room ambience to the mix.

So if you want an instrument to sound warmer and darker, the Fat Head is the perfect choice. If you have an acoustic guitar that sounds a little too bright, a Fat Head can help even it out.

A Fat Head paired with an SM57 sounds great on electric guitar. The SM57 picks up more of the crunch, while the Fat Head gets a really warm, bass-heavy tone.

If you get two Fat Heads, your options really open up.

You can get a mellow-sounding piano by putting them in a spaced pair above the strings. Or you can put them in a blumlein, adding depth to your electric guitar sound.


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