sE X1 R – $249

Recommended for vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, woodwinds & brass.

se x1r microphone

The sE X1 R is a ribbon mic.

Ribbon mics will roll off some top-end and emphasize mid- to low-end frequencies. This results in a nice warm sound.

The sE X1 R is particularly suited for brass, guitar amps, and even vocals.

Oftentimes, using a condenser on brass instruments can leave you with a tone that’s too bright and harsh. On the other hand, a dynamic can sound stuffy and dull.

The sE X1 R gives you a nice round full sound.

Use it on an amp for that same characteristic.

If you’re going for a “vintage” vocal sound, you can even try this mic for recording singing.

Ribbon mics are bidirectional (meaning they pick up sound on both sides of the capsule). So you can even record a duet using both sides of the mic!

Try it out on your next duet for that old-timey sound.