Free Guitar VSTs: 12 Best Free Guitar Plugins (2021)

On the hunt for killer tone but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further!

This list of the 12 BEST Free Guitar VSTs in 2020 will help you quickly find the plugin you need.

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But if you just want to Guitar VSTs Specifically, keep reading!


The Best Free Guitar VSTs

Whether you need an amp simulator, an effects suite, or a virtual instrument, we’ve got you covered.

Just click the buttons that match what you’re looking for. The list below will zero in on plugins that suit your needs.

A quick heads up, the virtual instruments on this list are great for what they are. These free plugins will spark your creativity.

Don’t expect the height of realism from them. Instead, use them as creative ways to set your songs apart from others.

Unrealistic doesn’t have to mean bad.

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