Pro Tools 12

This is perhaps the most popular DAW in the professional world. For professional mixing and editing, this is the industry standard. A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Pro Tools.

It’s extremely powerful, letting you knock out complex edits in a matter of seconds.

But it looks clunky and outdated. It’s not a beginner friendly program.

The stock plugins are generally good, but it lacks a stock multiband compressor – this isn’t a huge issue though.

The stock compressor can still be used for sidechain compression and parallel compression.


-Industry Standard DAW

-Great Recording Quality and Features

-Unmatched Editing Capabilities

-Great for Mixing and Mastering


-Not Beginner Friendly

-Not Good for Writing Music

-Outdated Interface

You should buy it if: You want to work as a professional audio engineer, recording, editing and mixing other people.

Learn more here: Avid Pro Tools

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