Cockos Reaper

This DAW is powerful and budget-friendly (it’s a steal at $60 for a personal license). It’s one of my personal favorites.

You can customize the layout and functionality of the software to suit your workflow.

It’s super beginner friendly and there are tons of tutorials online. If you’re just getting started, Reaper is easy to learn and just as powerful as any other DAW.

It also has all the major features you’d expect from a premium DAW, so it’s popular with professional producers too.


-Beginner friendly

-Full-fledged DAW at a low price

-Customizable interface to match your workflow

-Good stock plugins, especially for sound design

-Super powerful routing


-As far as DAWs go, it’s really new. So it’s features aren’t going to be as flexible or detailed as some other DAWs’.

You should buy it if: You want a full-fledged DAW at a low price, or you’re a sound designer looking for a clean, clear-cut program.

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