Bitwig Studio

This little-known DAW is great for music production and live performance.

Founded by ex-Ableton engineers, Bitwig Studio shares a similar concept based on ‘clips’. It has a great modular synthesis environment and networking features.

But the most exciting feature of Bitwig isn’t actually available yet. Bitwig aims to let users work on the same project simultaneously while using different computers.

Who knows if/when that feature will be released, but it’s a good reason to keep an eye on Bitwig.


-Powerful modular environment for creating effects and sounds


-As far as DAWs go, it’s really new. So it’s features aren’t going to be as flexible or detailed as other DAWs’.

-The main selling point (working on a project simultaneously using different computers) isn’t available yet.

You should buy it if: You’re an experienced electronic musician who wants a digital modular setup.

Learn more here: Bitwig Studio 2 Music Production and Performance Software

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