Adaptiverb ($249)

adaptiverb reverb

Recommended for Electronic Music, Cool Effects and Ambience

Zynaptiq is known for using cutting-edge technology to create super unique plugins. And Adaptiverb definitely lives up to that reputation!

It uses machine learning and ray tracing technology. Zynaptiq has created an unprecedented plugin.

Adaptiverb creates reverb tails that don’t get in the way of the rest of your mix.

How? By resynthesizing the original sound.

It can add some super cool effects.

The Hold button turns the reverb tail into a droning, synth-like sound.

adaptiverb hold setting

You can even quantize the pitch of the reverb tail to create certain harmonies.

adaptiverb harmonic quantization

It’s honestly more like a reverb-instrument than a regular reverb.

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