Music Blogs to Submit To [With Contact Info]

If you’re wondering what music blogs to submit to, I got you.

This post includes info on 30 indie music blogs. An intro, their preferred genres, and how you can submit your music.

Let’s go…

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But if you just want to learn about Music Blogs specifically, keep reading. 


How to Submit Music to Blogs

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If you haven’t yet read our guide to submitting your music to blogs, you can do that here. I’d suggest reading that before you go through this post.

In that post, there’s an email template you’ll need.

Many of the below music blogs accept submissions via SubmitHub, but many of them don’t. If they don’t, you’ll submit by email.


Music Blogs to Submit to by Genre

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The best way to use this blog post is as a library of blogs you can submit to. So bookmark it!

Most blogs prefer a few different genres. 

Select the genres that match your music. And you’ll get a list of blogs that cater to your style.

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