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The Problem

Most musicians are stuck at an intermediate plateau.

For many creatives it’s tempting to jump right into a DAW and start making music. However, without a proper understanding of the technical, left-brained side of music (frequencies, dynamics, etc,) and the mastering process — it’s impossible to actually achieve the sounds we imagine in our minds. Countless artists and producers plateau at an amateur/semi-pro level because of this. They have great creative potential, but lack the tools to consistently achieve industry standard results. The tips and tricks found on YouTube or in cheap online courses lack the depth needed for us to develop the deeper understanding that sets us apart as a professionals.

The Solution

Learning in Reverse.

Music production has typically been taught by jumping right into the subjective, right-brained components of music. But that’s like trying to paint a masterpiece before you even learn how to properly mix colors.

The only way to unlock true creative flow is to start with the hard objective principles that underly music production first, and then work your way towards higher levels of creativity and abstraction. This methodology is the quickest and most effective way to learn how to get the sound in your head to consistently come out of the speakers, and this is why we teach mastering first.

Ditch the Degree

Truth bomb: having a degree won’t improve your chances of having a successful music career. The only thing that matters is that your music holds up to industry standards.

Traditional education has failed to adapt to the rapidly evolving music industry, resulting in outdated curriculums and overpriced degrees. We focus on what keeps students ahead of the curve: results-driven education, one on one mentorship with real industry experts, and community driven support. Our students achieve better results quicker, and more affordably than they would through traditional academia.

How our students learn

The Reverse Engineer is a 12 month training and mentorship program designed to connect the objective left-brain with the subjective right-brain to unlock true creative potential and give students pro level skillsets in mastering, mixing and production.


Our mentors will guide you through every part of the process, including recording, producing, mixing and mastering — and provide tough feedback on your projects. This one-on-one mentorship will shape both your skill and mindset.


Our comprehensive and continuously updated curriculum is designed to stay ahead of the fast-paced music industry and help you develop the skills and instincts needed to compete with anyone in the industry.


When you join, you get access to our thriving community of artists, producers and engineers. You will learn from hundreds of supportive, like-minded individuals who have already walked the path.


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