Steinberg UR44 ($329)

Recommended for Full Bands and Project Studios

steinburg ur44 audio interface

The Steinberg UR44 is an interface with four high-quality preamps. In addition, this interface has two dedicated line inputs on the back.

This is great if you want to use external preamps. You can plug those straight into the interface with no coloring of the sound.

The UR44 has a ton of output options. It has a main out for monitoring plus four separate outs you can use for headphone amps or effects units.

It also has two headphone outputs on the front. Perfect if you’re recording someone else or just want another pair of ears to listen in while you track!

Lastly, this interface also has MIDI In and Out for all of your digital instrument needs.

This is a feature-packed interface that would be great for anyone tracking a band.

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