Shure SM-57 – $99

Recommended for vocals, electric guitar, drums,  and acoustic.

Shure SM57

The Shure SM-57 is probably the most talked about microphone for professional and home studio recording. And for good reason!

At an affordable $99, this microphone can record ANYTHING.

Like any mic, it does have its strengths. It’s a great mic for really loud sources like guitar amps, close drum mics, and even vocals.

But don’t limit yourself with this mic, it’s been used for so much more.

Major artists have recorded entire albums using just one or two SM-57s on EVERY instrument. We’re talking about artists like Bruce Springsteen, Sufjan Stevens, and Bon Iver!

It’s a true workhorse that will never let you down!

If you can only afford one microphone and you need to record a variety of instruments, grab an SM-57. 

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