Røde NT1-A – $229

Recommended for vocals, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.

Rode NT1A Mic

The Røde NT1-A may very well be the most popular condenser microphone for the home studio and for good reason. It boasts some of the best build and sound quality in its price range.

The NT1-A has a bright, crisp, professional sound that shines on vocals. 

It works equally as well if you want a bright acoustic sound. It can also be used to record a guitar amp for a nice crisp tone.

The NT1-A has the quietest noise floor for mics in its price range. What does this mean?

When you turn the gain of a mic up, the electrical components inside the microphone make noise. You only notice this when cranking the gain up high, but the NT1-A is quieter throughout!

The NT1-A comes with some great accessories including a shock mount, pop filter, and dust cover.

This is a great mic with some great accessories to get you going!


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