Modulation Effects

Chorus – a sound processor that makes a sound seem doubled by creating several delayed copies of the original sound and slightly varying the pitch of each copy. Used to “thicken” a sound.

Decay – How fast a sound fades from a certain loudness.

Flanger – Uses the same process as a chorus, but with dramatically short delays. Rather than “thickening” a sound, a flanger is usually less subtle. It’s been described as sounding “like an airplane flying right over your head.”

Phaser – A sound processor that removes certain random frequencies by creating a copy of the soundwave and moving it back and forth, causing a “phasing” sound.

Pitch shifter – A sound processor that changes the pitch of a sound.

Sustain – How long a sound can hold before it begins to fade.

Threshold – A parameter of a sound processor that tells the processor to not kick in until the volume of an incoming sound exceeds the set volume limit. For example, a compressor does not start to turn down audio until the instrument gets louder than the threshold set by the user.

Tremolo – A sound processor that either quickly turns the volume of a sound up and down, or quickly pans it left to right.


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