Leapwing DynOne 3 ($199)

Don’t let its simple, easy-to-use interface fool you. DynOne 3 by Leapwing is a beast of a plugin.

leapwing dynone 3 multiband compressor

It comes with optional parallel compression, mid-side processing, and high-quality filters. All in all, it’s the perfect multiband compressor for getting detailed, high-quality compression.

But my favorite part is the program-dependent attack and release. You set a range for the attack and release and DynOne does the rest.

It’ll pick a shorter or longer attack or release time depending on the type of sound. So it’s much easier to get the perfect amount of compression throughout the whole song.

The DynOne is a terrific way to add excitement to your song. I’ve been using it a ton on masters that need a little more life. Check it out.

I used the “Wide and Powerful” preset and adjusted the thresholds, attacks, and release times to taste. In my opinion, the result is a song with natural movement. “Vibe,” if you will.

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