Klanghelm DC1A

DC1A’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

klanghelm dc1a

The first thing you’ll notice is it’s really just two knobs. You can adjust the amount of gain reduction with the input and output knobs.

But it packs plenty more punch.

The “Deep” setting applies a high-pass filter. So low frequencies won’t trigger the compressor.

With “Dual Mono,” you can compress the left and right channels separately.

Meanwhile, the “Mix” setting allows you to easily dial in parallel compression.

You can get some harder compression with the negative switch. Or go for a subtler vibe with the “Relaxed” setting.

What I really like about the DC1A is that it presents a different workflow. It works like a regular compressor, but instead of tweaking tons of settings, you can just focus on the sound.

It’s simple and easy-to-use but allows for tons of possibilities.

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