Harrison Mixbus 32c

Mixbus is the perfect DAW for analog lovers who want a more affordable, digital alternative to bulky consoles.

Harrison have been making inline mixing consoles since the early 1970’s, and they’ve got it down to a science. From Herbie Hancock to Smashing Pumpkins, countless hits have been created using Harrison’s hardware.

Mixbus takes the iconic sound and workflow from their consoles and puts it in your computer.

If you prefer the layout of a console to a typical DAW, check out Mixbus.

There are two versions for different budgets. The standard Mixbus software will run you about $115. Mixbus 32c offers more mixing tools for about $447.


-Sounds Terrific (analog emulation adds great color to the tracks)

-Great for Recording and Mixing

-Great Workflow (for people who have used consoles before)


-Not Beginner Friendly (especially for musicians who haven’t used analog gear)

-MIDI Features could use some quality of life improvements

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