Soundtheory Gullfoss – $199

Recommended for Smart EQ

Gullfoss isn’t your standard EQ.

You won’t be manually adjusting any frequency bands. There are no saturation knobs to crank.

Gullfoss is a smart EQ. It automatically boosts and cuts certain frequency ranges.

gullfoss eq

I don’t say this lightly: Gullfoss makes whatever you put it on sound better. It’s basically a magic wand.

There are only a few controls you need to worry about. Recover turns up frequencies that are being masked.

And Tame turns down frequencies that are masking others. It quickly increases clarity.

You’ll probably want to adjust the low frequency cutoff. This is the red line to the left of the plugin.

Recover may turn up these low frequencies, which isn’t always necessary. The low frequency cutoff tells Gullfoss to ignore those frequencies.

Bias and Brightness help you tune the recover and tame settings. This is how you adjust the tone of the EQ.

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