Types of Microphones for Drums

drum setDrum kits are… complicated.

There’s a lot of different sound sources that need to be captured. If you’re in a home studio, this means a lot can go wrong. I usually recommend recording drum kits in a professional studio or using drum replacement software like EZdrummer 2.

But if you’re committed to tracking drums in your space, then here’s what you’ll need:

Each of the drums will be closely miked with a dynamic microphone. Some people will also put a dynamic mic underneath the snare drum to catch the rattle of the snares as well.

The kick drum will be miked with a low-end dynamic microphone.

Your overheads will be a pair of small diaphragm condensers. If you’re recording hi-hat, this will also be a small diaphragm condenser.

If you are wanting to use a room mic, those are usually a large diaphragm condenser mic or a ribbon mic.

You may not have the budget to go out and buy all that gear. If so, stick with the basics: a snare mic, a kick mic, and a pair of overhead mics. That should get your started.

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