Brainworx bx_meter ($99)

Brainworx bx_meter LUFS meter and K-system metering

There are plenty of terrific meters out there. But nothing ticks all the boxes quite like bx_meter.

This meter has everything you could ask for when mastering.

Looking for peaks? Check.

Monitoring your RMS? Check.

Checking for phase correlation? Check.

Want to use K-system metering to ensure a solid dynamic range?

Brainworx’s bx_meter has you covered on all these fronts.

You can even monitor the mid and side channels separately.

With so many features, it’d be easy for bx_meter to look cluttered. But Brainworx has managed to make it look sleek and professional.

A quick glance at the user manual will make you a pro with this jam-packed plugin.

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