Blue Spark SL – $199

Recommended for vocals, acoustic guitar, and drums.

blue spark sl

The Blue Spark is a great entry-level condenser microphone.

This mic has a very balanced frequency response with just a bit of a bump in the top end to boost presence. This makes it a great candidate for vocals and acoustic guitar.

This mic also features a high-pass filter and a pad. These features that are more common on microphones costing $600 or more.

The high-pass filter allows you to cut off some low end while you’re recording if you know you don’t need it. This can save you time when you’re mixing and applying EQ.

The pad feature allows you to lower the sensitivity of the microphone. So you can use it on louder sources like drum overheads or guitar amps.

In addition to all of those features, it comes with its own shock mount/microphone clip. Now you don’t have to worry about buying one.


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