Eiosis AirEQ – $79

Recommended for Transparency, Parametric, Mid-Side

At first glance, Eiosis looks beautiful.

eiosis air eq

But it’s not just a visually striking plugin. It packs plenty of punch with its sound quality.

It has four different color profiles: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Earth boosts the low frequencies while Air turns up the highs.

But Water and Fire are where things get especially interesting.

Using the Character knob, you can dial the EQ in to sound more watery or more fiery. But what exactly does that mean?

Changing the character changes the resonance curve of each EQ band.

Generally speaking, EQs have pretty similar resonance curves.

The center frequency is the loudest. And the frequencies around it increase and decrease in volume on an exponential scale.

normal eq resonance curve
Image taken from the Air EQ manual

Water flattens the resonance curve. So every frequency is boosted fairly similarly, and the center frequency isn’t louder.

water resonance curve

This can be helpful when you want a really smooth boost or cut.

Fire narrows the resonance curve. Focusing the boost and cut almost entirely on the center frequency.

This is great for filtering out specific frequencies.

You may be wondering why we’ve called this a transparent EQ. The Earth, Air, Fire, and Water settings change the tone quite a bit.

But it doesn’t add much in the way of harmonic distortion. This is what we’re usually talking about when we say something sounds analog.

AirEQ will change the tone of your sound, but it won’t impart really noticeable saturation.