The Best Vocal Plugins of 2021 (No Matter Your Budget)

Do you want incredible vocals, but aren’t sure what tools you need for the job?

You’re in luck.

Over my many years of mixing, I’ve tried out hundreds of premium plugins. Today, I decided to cut through the crap and give you my recommendations.

These are the greatest vocal plugins in 2021.

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But if you just want to learn about plugins for vocals, keep reading.


Do You Need New Gear?

QUICK TIP: You don’t necessarily need new plugins! How you use the plugins you have is 10 times more important than having expensive gear. Master your stock plugins before you upgrade.

Learning to use the gear you have now will make you a way better mixer.

That said, if you are good with your stock plugins, then upgrade away.

I can help you zero in on the plugins that work best for you.

Check it out:


What kind of plugin are you looking for?

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What’s your budget?

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What do you want to do?

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