11 Best EQ Plugins in 2021 [For Any Budget] – Best Mixing EQs

Looking for the perfect EQ to add to your mixing toolbox?

This list of the eleven best EQ plugins in 2021 will help you find the perfect fit. They’re even organized by what they’re best at so you can immediately zero in on what you need.

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But if you just want to learn about EQ Plugins specifically, keep reading.


A Quick Note…

It’s worth mentioning that none of the companies who create these EQ plugins are paying us to write about them.

This article isn’t an advertisement for any one plugin maker. After trying out tons of different options, these are the ones we felt were the cream of the crop.

To help you find the right EQ quickly, here are some buttons you can use to zero in on the right match.

Click on the button that matches the type of EQ you’re looking for, and it’ll only show you EQs that match.

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