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Join us live to mix and master a new track every month — and watch as we go into every possible detail and install what we’re thinking into your head, so you can produce industry-quality music faster.

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Monthly LIVE mixing and mastering workshop

Join us for a live, full-day mixing and mastering workshop on Zoom, every single month.

You’ll watch us mix and master a track from scratch, giving you 100% clarity on exactly what goes into an industry-standard record. 

AND you can ask questions every step of the way to make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge about what it takes to dial in the final 10-20% that takes a track from good to great.

Think of this as a VIP online studio internship where you don’t have to make 500 cups of coffee a day as you grind 15 hour days for “experience.”

Perk #1: Free ticket to all live events

Perk #1 is that you’re going to get a free ticket to all of our live events, including our monthly Fix-The-Mix Challenge. 

You’ll also get access to all past and future replays as long as you’re an active subscriber, including the recordings of our recent Production Challenge, where we wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered a song from scratch, with zero prep, right in front of your eyes.

Perk #2: Private VIP community

Perk #2 is that you’re going to get access to a private community, only for active subscribers of this new VIP program.

This will be a place where you can hang out, get help when you need it, and surround yourself with people on the same journey as you.

Perk #3: Monthly Mix Review session

Perk #3 is that we’re going to host a monthly Mix Review session, in addition to the monthly VIP day. 

This will be a 1 or 2 hour-long live session where you can submit your music, mixes and masters for review, and get a professional to listen to your work, tell you exactly where you’re going wrong, and how to fix it.

A dollar a day to become a better mixing & mastering engineer

We decided to make this ultra accessible. I’m talking a dollar a day accessible for a mentorship that is basically no longer accessible to artists or engineers. 

Therefore the low cost investment in getting access to our brains, as we download our ears and knowledge into yours is JUST a tiny $37 per month. 

At this rate, a buck a day barely buys you a coke anymore. So if you’re someone who buys coffee or a soda when you’re out, skip it and become a better music producer instead. 


We’re including a 30 day no-questions asked refund policy, so you can come and try the program for a month...

And if you don’t like it for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund. Just email us at [email protected] if you want to get a refund.

Click the button to add to your order and subscribe for $37/month — cancel any time.


How much does it cost?

It costs $37/month as an ongoing subscription. You can cancel any time in the future and you get 30 days to request a refund on your first months payment if you aren't happy.

What if my mix is too bad to be fixed?

If anything, the earlier you are in your journey, and the further your mixes are from a pro standard... the bigger the improvement you're going to see.

Equally, if your mix is 90% of the way there, and you've been searching for that last 10% - objective analysis will help you figure out exactly what's missing.

My room isn't acoustically treated, does that matter?

Having a good room will certainly help you identify what's wrong with your mix. That's why room tuning is a major part of our flagship program, The Reverse Engineer™.

But just like training your ears, there are stages to this process. You don't need a perfect room to significantly improve your mixes. You should continue to improve the quality of your work while gaining new knowledge IN TANDEM with improving on your room over the long-term. Otherwise, you'll get stuck on your room and won't make any progress until you have the "perfect" setup... which we both know doesn't really exist.

Can't I just figure this out on my own?

How has that worked for you so far? Sure, you could learn eventually this stuff through repetition and practice... but it's going to take you decades to get to the same point as everyone else. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it's much quicker to learn from somebody else's experience and mistakes.

How long do the sessions last?

As we are mixing and mastering a track from scratch, the live sessions often last 6-8 hours. If you cannot attend live, you can always watch the replay.

I don't have time to do ear training before the challenge - will I still benefit?

We'll show you techniques that don't rely on your having great hearing.

Yes, ear training is incredibly important. But you can still drastically improve your mixes while you're working on your hearing over the long-term.

Is this for a specific genre or type of music?

No, what you're going to learn is totally agnostic to the genre of music.

Remember, it's mastering the SCIENTIFIC aspect of music production that's important. Once you do that, you have the building blocks for any genre or type of music.

What DAW are you going to use?

It doesn't matter - the techniques you use are the exact same in all DAWs. You'll be able to follow along regardless of which DAW you use.

Am I going to need a bunch of expensive software/plugins to see results?

No. Better gear will certainly help BUT the first step is developing your knowledge and skills.

Only after that should you think about upgrading your gear. That way, you're using it to it's full potential, instead of having a bunch of expensive gear you don't actually know how to use.

What's the refund policy?

You have 30 days to get a full refund on your first payment. This means you can attend an event FIRST, and try out the community for a month, then decide if you want to get a refund or not. If you're not happy for any reason, we'll refund every cent, no questions asked.

Will there be a replay?

Yes, every event will be recorded. As long as you are an active subscriber, you will have access to replays for all past and future events.

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