The Difference Between Stem Mastering And 2 Track Stereo Mastering

STEM Mastering

While stereo mastering is the most common type of mastering, there’s another method to consider: stem mastering. Stereo mastering is the easier, faster, and more affordable option, but because only a single two-track stereo file is being worked on, the result may be flat, with disappointing sonic results. For more dimension and depth, choose stem mastering.

How Stem Mastering Works

Instead of only working with one track, stem mastering uses several tracks made up of single or grouped instruments. By dividing the track into these elements, we can master each one individually. With stereo mastering, any changes made must be applied to the track as a whole. Stem mastering allows us to make one aspect of a song louder, another quieter, etc. This is not the same as mixing, however, because stem mastering uses little automation in the process and its primary purpose is to make small refinements and tweaks to produce the desired results.

Why Choose Stem Mastering

Because stem mastering takes more time than stereo mastering, it also costs more. Not every song needs stem mastering, but if, upon listening to your mix, you can’t help but feel something isn’t quite right, stem mastering can help. It allows us to listen in a linear monitoring environment so we can help you pinpoint where your mix is lacking. 

Changes that can be applied during stem mastering include adding warmth, improving EQ, introducing width and depth, and increasing the punch in a track. Stem mastering also allows sound engineers to adjust how different elements in a mix interact with each other––how the vocals compare with the guitar, for example. It might be counterintuitive, but the kind of precision stem mastering offers lets us have more flexibility in working on a mix.

To the untrained ear, there may not be a huge difference between stereo and stem mastering, but the result of stem mastering is better sonic quality. If your goal is to end up with the strongest mix possible, opt for stem mastering.

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