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How it works

We’ll help you every step of the way on your mastering journey. We will personally work with you to get your final mix “master ready,” then get working on your master. 

What is mastering?

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Raw recording

This is the audio capturing process. Getting all of your ideas “on paper.” Nothing is mixed, but everything is recorded.


Final mix

This is getting the mix just right, concentrating on each individual track with levels, processing, panning, and effects.


Final Master

This is the crucial stage that brings your mix to life and sets your mix at a level of professionalism that stands up to the industry giants.

A handful of our clients


Here are some artists that our engineers have mastered
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Kanye West

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A$AP Rocky

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Lil Wayne

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Indie Pop & Rock
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Meattle & Malik

Singer / Songwriter
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Nine Inch Nails

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Skrillex & KORN


Why our customers choose

The mastering industry has evolved over the years and we have done our level best to not only keep up, but dominate the industry by leading the pack. With the integration of artificial intelligence and automation, more and more masters are being put out without any human interaction. We are here to fix that.

How we measure against the competition 🚀

Our team

We built a team so that we can work more closely with you. We are located in the industry’s top locations: New York City, Nashville, San Diego, and Seattle.
Blake La Grange
Chief Engineer

Founder of and Mercury Mastering, Blake is located in Manhattan and considered “The Mastering Master.” Blake has tens of thousands of masters under his belt with too many credentials to count.

Connor Gilmore
Connor holds down the fort in our Nashville Studio. Connor is a professionally and classically trained Mastering Engineer who specializes in organically recorded music.
Nate Furtado
Nate takes care of the Seattle Studio and comes from the professional musician world. He is always touring, engineering, and has a high level of professionalism, constantly striving for perfection.
Conor Anderson
Operations Manager
Conor has 2 Masters Degrees, is a systems thinker, and is a client success wizard. Conor is actually tone deaf, but is overqualified in the operations department.

Real. Analog. Gear.

API 2500
API 5500

Our Core values


No robots. No algorithms. No automation. We almost can’t believe that this is a “feature” of ours. Everyone knows music is a creative process that requires soul and spirit. We stand firm that every master you receive will be treated by a Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer. You’re really going to trust a robot (lol) to take care of your baby?


Because we have multiple engineers from 3 different time zones, we are able to provide ridiculously fast turnaround time for you. Grammy Winning Quality, without compromising on client turnaround time. We also have a full time operations manager to take care of you. We are literally sitting at our mastering desk waiting to master your music.


No iZotope. No plug-ins. Real, industry standard, top quality outboard gear that still makes us question why in the world we are such gear heads. Oh right, because we care about quality! Every master will be run through our analog mastering chain, finished to tape.


We used to charge an arm and a leg for mastering. Not anymore. We are just a bit more expensive than a stupid robot, except you’re getting platinum record selling engineers for a fraction of the cost. We make enough money mastering for film, radio, and major label artists…we figured we’d hook you up.


10,000+ songs mastered. Grammys left and right. Major label clientele. Industry standard quality. Our chief engineer is the founder of for goodness sake. We will never settle for anything less than professional grade loudness, quality, sonic, and dynamic clarity.

We've got you covered

Included in every project for no extra fee:

Our pricing

Stereo Mastering

$150 / song


If you want your projected rushed (24 hour turnaround) we can make it happen for an extra $29 per song.

Stem Mastering

$300 / song


If you want your projected rushed (24 hour turnaround) we can make it happen for an extra $29 per song. HQ

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It’s important to us to have great spaces to work in so we have spread throughout the United States to have a studio in historic SOHO located in Manhattan, New York City, a studio in the music capital of the world Nashville, TN, a studio in beautiful San Diego, CA, and a studio in the pacific northwest Seattle, WA. Come see us!

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