How To Use Frequency Adjustment In Mastering

Frequency Adjustment

When you use to master your tracks, you have access to sound engineers who have worked with Grammy-winning artists. You don’t have to learn the process of mastering audio because we do the work for you––you just have to worry about making the music. Sometimes, though, our clients like to learn the details about what our engineers do with their songs. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use frequency adjustment to get the perfect tonal balance on every track.

What Does EQ Mean in Mastering?

EQ is equalization. It’s the process of adjusting frequencies to make a track sound smooth and balanced, rather than disjointed and sloppy. Mastering is the final touch we put on music before releasing it to the world and equalization is one of the most important components of audio mastering. When you’re mastering your own tracks at home or in a studio, you will likely use an EQ plugin to help you correctly apply frequency adjustments.

Best Advice for EQ

Our sound engineers have years of education, workplace training, and professional experience in mastering music. It’s impossible to distill their knowledge into a few key takeaways, but some general advice for using EQ in audio mastering include:

Use EQ Early

The process of mastering audio comprises of many different steps. The order in which you layer each step of the process matters. You should use your mastering EQ plugin before you apply any compression to your track. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

When it comes to adjusting frequency, it’s crucial to have sonically neutral speakers at your disposal and work in a room optimized for acoustics. You need to make sure the adjustments you make are based on what’s on the actual track, not what you’re hearing through your speakers. To master professionally, these are not optional investments––they are must-haves.

Avoid Boosting When Possible

Don’t boost frequencies. It’s better to cut frequencies instead. Even if you only want to boost the frequency of one band, rather than boosting it, cut the other bands for better results.

Be Judicious With Your Approach

Work in small increments instead of making big, dramatic adjustments. Listen to the track again, then make more adjustments as needed until you’re happy with it. When it comes to mastering, having the patience to make small tweaks a little at a time will yield the best results.

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